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At Arpe powered by H&A professionalism blends with a friendly approach.
We have organized ourselves based on the next concepts: Expedited turn-around times and competitive pricing.


Arpe powered by H&A is considered to be one of Spain's leading patent firms both by number of European Patent and PCT applications and on account of its highly-specialized practitioners.

We have a qualified team of expert patent practitioners as well as a highly specialized team exclusively for validations.

Technical Fields

Trademarks and designs

We prosecute and enforce applications before all organisms in Spain, European Union, Portugal, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina through our own Offices, and worldwide through our network of correspondents.

We are among the three top filers both in Spain (OEPM) and Europe (EUIPO).

We have a team of lawyers and graduates who process and advise our clients on the 3.000+ cases that we prosecute yearly.


Arpe Powered by H&A offers a specific service named "Latin American Trademark Service" (LTS) targeted specially to foreign clients and characterized by the following purposes and advantages

Providing services in all Latin American countries with the quality and modus operandi peculiar to a European firm and in the same language.

Assuring the quality of this service, irrespective of the country where the service is provided.

Easing work off companies and unifying in a single firm correspondence, management and billing in connection with their Trademark registrations in Latin America.

Global knowledge of the status and problems of every trademark in every Latin American country, as opposed to a disperse treatment of the same right in each country by various practitioners, with the ensuing simplification, synergies and enhanced service.

Our system is still the same for any IP prosecution work in LATAM: The substantial work is performed in Madrid and our H&A LATAM colleagues -who are also agents- act as official representatives for our clients before the respective Offices.




We are among the three top filers both in Spain (OEPM) and Europe (EUIPO)

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